Game Modes



30mins – 1hour

Two teams compete to control various control points to earn points. Standard maps contain three control points. Control of these points is initially accomplished through occupation (physically occupying the space), but control of a point continues until a player from another team occupies the space. The team that has the most points when a time limit has expired, wins. Everyone respawns


Team Deathmatch

Until everyone dies

Up to four teams compete to out-kill the opponent teams Everyone respawns. sometimes limited per game.



Rouhgly 20 -30 mins

This game type is played with two teams, one assaulting a “base” and the other defending it. The map is set up with objectives which the attacking team must complete such as shutting down a power generator, or entering an area. The team who first attacks then defends, and attempts to defend for the entire time they attacked. If they accomplish this, they win. If the team defending first assaults the base faster than the other team, they win. If both teams defend for the maximum amount of time the match is a tie Attackers respawn, defenders do not